Centre Missions

The Centre carries out in-depth research and scientific studies in relation to comparative civilizations and religions dialogue. For this purpose, it is assigned to:

  • Contribute to the enrichment of intellectual heritage through supporting scientific research and conducting evaluative and prospective studies in the field of comparative civilizations and religions,
  • Organizescientific events, conferences and forums in collaboration with national institutions and organisms and competent scientists, under the umbrella of a network of institutions and structures relevant to the center’s activities,
  • Organize training cycles and studies days in the field of religions and civilizations dialogue, within the framework of a partnership between the center and other relative institutions,
  • Compile the intellectual production and written and audio-visual documents that are related to fields of religions and civilizations, with the aim of processing them, exploiting them and facilitating their diffusion by all means,
  • Implement an observatory for banks and databases of comparative civilizations and religions,
  • Organize exhibitions in line with the center’s objectives,
  • Publish research and studies that the center has conducted in the form of books, brochures and audio-visual and electronic publications,
  • Accomplish all the other tasks assigned to the Centre within the framework of its mission.
  • Partake in students training at Maters and Doctorate cycles,
  • Endorse partnerships in the field of scientific research with national and international institutions that share a common interest.